IMPACT project at the Edinburgh International Science Festival

IMPACT took part in the University of Edinburgh’s Family Events Programme, part of the Science Festival activities held at the National Museum of Scotland from 1-16 April. Below is a video showing photos of the event.

You can also watch this video on Media Hopper or YouTube.

Based at the Learning Centre, our 'Micro-Engineers' event invited children and their carers to discover real life plans to implant a miniature monitoring station inside a cancer tumour to help doctors destroy it. In the movie Fantastic Voyage, a submarine with a crew is shrunk to microscopic size and injected into a patient’s blood stream. At our event, there was no science fiction involved, but some 2000 people enjoyed a variety of activities. They learned about sensors and used some common ones found at home and in hospitals.

The children were also able to light up an LED attached to a chip by dipping a rod into a 'body' tank, showing how the IMPACT device will be powered when inside the body. Visitors to the exhibit also enjoyed a ‘spot the difference’ poster activity to teach the difference between healthy and cancerous cells, before looking down microscopes and testing their knowledge on both types of cells.